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Ubuntu and User Directory Perms

I use Multipass as my VM orchestrator, which means that when I spin up a VM for any project, I’m generally getting some version of Ubuntu. There was a major change between Ubuntu 20.04 and 21.04: starting with 21.04, the user directory is set by default to 750 – where in 20.04 it is 755. This means that by default other users can no longer browse the files in your user directory. But it also means that if you symlink a directory under /var/www/ to a directory in your home folder (a thing I do while I’m doing development of web applications that would normally live somewhere under /var/www), the webserver won’t be able to access the symlinked directory unless it can access the containing home directory, regardless of how many ways you specify FollowSymLinks in the config. TIL. (this is as much of a reminder for me as for anyone else)

I Would Like to Subscribe…

I’d like to subscribe to a newsletter. This news appears on a single page, with individual articles listed in order from most recent to least. You know the kind I mean. Alas, this news page does not appear to have an RSS endpoint. And so, I have sent a message: I would like to subscribe to your newsletter. It is accompanied by a description of what the problem is and a polite request to respond back with the RSS url (in the event that my reader just couldn’t find it). I don’t want to resort to building a Python script that uses BeautifulSoup to scrape the page for new items, but I will if I have to.

Preserved Sekanjabin

Sekanjabin – a beverage syrup of Persian origin – is one of my favorite ways to hydrate. It’s made from water, vinegar, sugar or honey, and (traditionally) fresh mint. I like to make up a big batch and portion it into either half-pint or pint jars, then pressure-can them. Sekanjabin syrup is already somewhat shelf-stable due to the high concentration of sugar. Heat-sealing it in jars adds more time. I choose half-pint or pint jars and not larger jars for a reason: my preferred ratio of syrup to water is 1:7. One half-pint of syrup and 7 half-pints of water makes 64oz – a half-gallon, which fits nicely in most medium pitchers. A pint does the same but makes a gallon. So I can bring jars of syrup, bottled water (2-gal or 5-gal dispenser, not individual servings), and a pitcher to any outdoor event and keep a pitcher of prepared sekanjabin close by. The syrup jar can also double asContinue readingPreserved Sekanjabin

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