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Preserved Sekanjabin

Sekanjabin – a beverage syrup of Persian origin – is one of my favorite ways to hydrate. It’s made from water, vinegar, sugar or honey, and (traditionally) fresh mint. I like to make up a big batch and portion it into either half-pint or pint jars, then pressure-can them. Sekanjabin syrup is already somewhat shelf-stable due to the high concentration of sugar. Heat-sealing it in jars adds more time. I choose half-pint or pint jars and not larger jars for a reason: my preferred ratio of syrup to water is 1:7. One half-pint of syrup and 7 half-pints of water makes 64oz – a half-gallon, which fits nicely in most medium pitchers. A pint does the same but makes a gallon. So I can bring jars of syrup, bottled water (2-gal or 5-gal dispenser, not individual servings), and a pitcher to any outdoor event and keep a pitcher of prepared sekanjabin close by. The syrup jar can also double asContinue readingPreserved Sekanjabin

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