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Today was a day of small improvements. Newly-acquired power strip put into service powering my computer. Ran dishwasher and clothes washer loads. Started advertising my new project. Updated my Linux machines. Figured out why some of my endpoints for Charmbracelet’s Wishlist app wouldn’t work. Figured out some work-arounds for things. Took trash out. I don’t think I touched the things I’d planned to do, though.

Rec Room, Refreshed

We’re getting the rec room ready to resume being our hang-out-and-play-PC-games place in the house. Today I finished running ethernet cables to drops near each of our “desks” so we can both have that delicious 100mbps Internet. They’ve been terminated and tested. Also got the TV put back in its usual spot and made sure the streaming box was all connected up good. The plex box will be moved soon. 🎉

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